art exhibit // david salle: new paintings // skarstedt gallery

i stumbled into the new david salle show at skarstedt gallery this weekend and was blown away by his new paintings, part of his late product paintings series. the show is up 'til the end of june so you must go! in regards to his use of collage, salle says, "i want the differences to show, but to somehow be resolved anyway. it's symphonic. sometimes i like to think of myself of a kind of orchestrator." well said. i love his choice of images, juxtapositions, color usage and the titles of his pieces. they are large scale and got me thinking that i'd love to make some huge collages someday.

according to skarstedt gallery: "david salle's new paintings are characterized by both immediacy and complexity; their vibrant color and highly energized, dynamic compositions display a marked evolution from his most recent exhibition, ghost paintings, shown at skarstedt's upper east side gallery in 2013. salle's late product paintings can be seen as both revisiting and providing an extension to his 1993 series, early product paintings, in which flatly painted backgrounds of collaged product advertisements were the stage upon which present-tense painting operations were carried out. salle's late product paintings bring this premise to a much fuller, performative, and masterful resolution. exploring the intangible relationships between subjects, salle's images float in a fragmented world of poetic simultaneity. drawing images from a variety of sources, salle combines them into paintings as one would create a collage. though often surprising, his connections are never forced; they have a non-programmatic, improvised quality, and they arrive at a place of buoyant equilibrium." more about this exhibit here.

* images courtesy of skarstedt gallery // exhibition is open thru june 27 *