culture island event // glued to the screen // gregory moncada art pop-up

my friend diana has been curating shows at muchmore's for a few years now so i was pretty pumped when she approached me to guest curate their june one. i've been wanting to curate a pop-up with my pal gregory moncada for a while now -- we first met in miami at art basel last december and have a ton of mutual friends. greg is like my spirit animal as there's a lot of synergy in how we approach our work. i've been eyeing his scan collages for a while now, and he was the first person i thought of when this opportunity came up. super excited to collaborate with him, and my friend amelia who will be curating the playlist.

more about our collaborative partners:

cultureisland: cultureisland is a passion project by sara r. radin in which sara curates events and collaborates with emerging creatives, brands and non-profits. this will be her 18th event since february 2015 and she has many more in the works.

+ gregory moncada: born, raised, living and working in new york, gregory moncada is a visual artist and art industry professional. classically trained in fine arts in florence, italy and a work ethic learned from the streets of new york city, moncada has had constant involvement in creating and exhibiting art, as well as a hand in behind the scenes art world operations. as a communicator, collector and curious explorer who works with passion, moncada consistently searches and experiments with inspiration. details and observations are filed away as source material. papers and visual elements are mentally and physically gathered, then intentionally placed to create expressive works of art. from managing the operations at jonathan levine gallery to the private sales department at christie's auction house, gregory has constant hands on experience with culturally significant works of art. this exposure allows the artist to have a literal finger on the pulse of art history and current worldly exhibitions. the knowledge is transferred into the studio practice and later translated into various visual art expressions.  

moncada's artwork takes on several forms. mixed media collage paintings and digital photo interventions, as well as travel sketchbooks and lifestyle photography are among the few. a colorful palette and abstract visual language brand the work with room for continual evolution. marks are made with intention, yet remaining experimental. the subject matter is accessible. the work is made to be understood by the common pedestrian as well as discussed in a formal art critique.

glued to the screen will feature his recent series, scan collages, which use hand selected vintage paper ephemera with colorful digital interventions.

+ amelia holt: amelia is a mexican born, brooklyn based DJ. she currently has a biweekly internet radio show called the fix on (bushwick radio station) where she plays house and techno music with her co-host eli fola.

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