cultureisland event recap // the denim disco 2 // february 13, 2016

despite frigid cold temperatures, the denim disco 2 was another smashing success. so many people came out, donated their denim and rang in my 27th birthday with me.  juan (wamoo papez) played a great mix of disco hits and contemporary tunes that blended seamlessly with the video alix and i put together last year. the event fell on the 13th of february, marking a year since i started doing cultureisland pop-ups, and my 13th event -- the perfect way to celebrate my birthday! pumped to be embarking on another year of collaborating with great people. plus, things are really starting to pick up i.e. people approaching me with exciting opportunities.  thank you for your support! oh and a party highlight was when a rad british chick i met the night before at a bakery, showed up with a box full of donuts. 

* photos by chris cawley + alix h. luntz *