cultureisland event recap // pizza pop-up party // october 21st, 2015

a few weeks ago i organized a pizza pop-up party at rizzo's on the lower east side. we sold new york pizza project books, all-you-can-eat press pizza maps and pizza pins by movement buttons. my friend juan (wamoo papez) did the tunes, featuring classic new york hits from all eras. it was amazing. everything came together seamlessly and it was a really great turn out. i say this every time i plan an event, but time and time again i am blown away by the people who come to these things. for example, two people i met two days prior came out... as well as the owners of community 54 where i previously did a pop-up. i go into these things with little to no expectations and it's wonderful when all kinds of people turn up and really enjoy themselves. with each event, i am more and more grateful for the support i receive. even when someone can't make it but text me to let me know, i'm grateful. thank you to all those who participated and attended as well as those who continue to support me! it truly means the world. and the process of planning these things becomes more and more enjoyable as i go. stay tuned for more to come!

many thanks to alix h. luntz for the photos + wamoo papez for the playlist. these two have become part of the cultureisland family and i love working with them / watching each of us grow through the process.