nostalgia // a (wearable) piece of history

hypebeast's gavin brown says a jacket tagged by jean-michel basquiat and stephen sprouse was recently auctioned off // "new york’s underground art scene of the 1980′s was an environment charged with artistic potential, at the center of which was the popular after-hours club danceteria. the club was often frequented by the likes of andy warhol, keith haring, run dmc, the beastie boys and the young madonna. a relic of that time and place is this jacket, the result of an elevator attendant of the club who invited celebrity guests and artists to leave their mark on this jacket that she wore. of these, the most notable is the prolific graffiti artist jean michel-basquiat, and fashion designer and artist stephen sprouse. estimated at $7-10,000, the jacket finally went for $9,100 for what is a last remaining mark of two creative powerhouses of the 20th century."

time to save up for the next fashion relic!

* images via hypebeast *