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 james turrell //  key lime  // 1994 // the israel museum

james turrell // key lime // 1994 // the israel museum

some thoughts: forever in awe of james turrell, whose work i saw in 3 different cities in recent times -- at the guggenheim in new york city, at the lacma in los angeles, and now at the israel museum in jerusalem. although i didn't eat turkey this year since i was in israel, i feel pretty thankful (and grateful) for inspiring transcontinental experiences like this. what i love about turrell is that his art completely engulfs the viewer in his colorful installations. when sitting in these spaces, one is able to appreciate some sweet silence amidst a characteristically noisy museum.

these works challenge the way in which the audience experiences and sees light: "treating light as a material in his impressive and magical works, turrell examines accepted conventions of consciousness and sight. in his spectacular installations, the spiritual and the technological intersect as light is framed, multiplied, altered, and isolated."