nostalgia // when barry met keith haring

 keith haring // untitled // 1985 from  artnet

keith haring // untitled // 1985 from artnet

in 1985 my cousin barry met keith haring outside of his pop shop in new york city and asked him to sign his denim shirt. the above, unrelated artwork was created around the same time // here's what happened when barry met haring: "in 1985 i happened to ride my bike past the pop shop on lafayette the day it opened. a small crowd of 15 or 20 people were huddled around keith haring who was signing prints, t-shirts and other merchandise they just bought from haring's new store. having always loved his work but not carrying a lock to ditch my bike and run to buy something, i asked him if he could draw a crawling baby on my back. we talked for a minute about how wonderful the new store was and that i was always a big fan of the murals he used to do in the subways and at construction sites on the black paper they covered up old advertisements with. he agreed and said he especially liked those posters. i still have the shirt he signed. i keep it in a box with the new york times announcement of his death from 1990."