required reading // links worth sharing pt. iii // art + some other stuff

1. who are the masterminds behind the google doodles? // "we continue to ask how we can delight users and show humor and humanity," says ryan germick, chief doodler.

2. what people asked the new york public library before google existed // via hyperallergic.

3. "girlfriends" is a collection of work by a collective of global female fashion and art photographers exploring the concept of the female gaze // "it's funny cause when you look at some of the work you can see we all have similar influences and references but we all translate those ideas into our own cultures," says dafy hagi from tel aviv.

4. tumblr's picks for artists who made it big in 2014 // and a cool tumblr worth sharing.

5. w magazine declares lykke li's recent collaboration with &other stories a fashion statement born out of utility // "nick cave and patti smith and millions before me can't have been wrong on black being their first and last love... i was a total floral hippie as a child so when i finally could make my own choices, i've been living in different black suit jackets and been really drawn to masculine clothes. i'm not interested in trends," says the swedish pop singer who lives out of a suitcase and says she has long dreamed of a single, portable uniform she could cart along in a minimalist bag.

6. nyt states "somehow, in the last few years, it has become an article of faith that new york has lost its artistic spirit, that the city's long run as a capital of culture is over." // whoever said art is dead in new york is very wrong.

7. matthias merkel hess creates glazed ceramic objects like recasts of buckets, milk crates, trash cans, and domestic items that play on the place of the vessel in the history of pottery as much as they refer to the readymade in modern art // via artsy.

8. contemporary artist korakrit arunanondchai on his recent work and hybridism // "i like the idea of hybrids a lot, like hybrid media, and hybrid experiences..."

9. while helmut lang quit fashion in 2005, he is now presenting a collection of art created from repurposed clothes. // his self-titled exhibit is on view through feb 21 at new york's sperone westwater, 257 bowery.

10. video to watch // "andrew solomon: how the worst moments in our lives make us who we are"  (a ted talk worth sharing).