required reading // links worth sharing pt. v // current curiosities

1. beatrix ruf, amsterdam's newest director of the stedelijk museum, on how her "training as a choreographer... has likely contributed to her facility to envision how things could be without having to look at them." // "you have to ask questions,” she [insists] "i don’t think it’s interesting to confirm what you know. i’m just too curious for that."

2. curators of a new exhibit, ‘the cranbrook hall of wonders: artworks, objects, and natural curiosities’ at the cranbrook art museum, "have created the equivalent of an art mix tape, with exacting attention paid to the relationships and transitions between objects, which constantly shift as the viewer moves through the allover installation."  // it also includes scheduled "acts of curiosity" i.e. live events that allow the artists to create work in response to the exhibit.

3. alexander wang's moodboard for spring 2015 // "i’m drawn to objects that juxtapose seemingly contradictory ideas. it’s arresting when something mundane is done in an über-luxurious way. that has become a through line for how i approach design—i love a good surprise."

4. spring/break art show was my favorite of the recent art fairs in nyc // it featured some unusual yet approachable curations at an atypical venue >> more about it here.

5. while i've been finding style blogs less inspiring + meaningful as of late, one thing is for certain: ivania carpio is a style innovator who lives and breathes her minimal aesthetic in everything that she does. // here her "ode to nothing / nothing is everything," explains her unusual love for the aesthetics of nothingness.

6. the beat generation was one, "of crazy, illuminated hipsters suddenly rising and roaming america, serious, curious, bumming and hitchhiking everywhere, ragged, beatific, beautiful in an ugly graceful new way." // photographer larry fink documented individuals of the era.

7. floriana gavriel and rachel mansur, the designers behind mansur gavriel on their creative process // "we didn’t know where to begin...but we knew what we identified with intuitively." while mansur was living in la and gavriel was in berlin, the two spent two years posting images to a private tumblr, "developing and honing their concept into one that...was “beautiful and clean but also had a warmth to it." #happygirlhappybag

8. rip filmmaker albert maysles // in 1994 he told the nyt, "making a film isn’t finding the answer to a question; it’s trying to capture life as it is.”

9. the book as a work of art // pilure (meaning "fold" in french) is a book-based small show, curated by paulo pires do vale, about the artistic metamorphosis of books dating from the 15th to the 21st centuries. the exhibit questions: how is art transformed in dialogue with the paper book, and how is the paper book transformed by art?

10. i'm digging deeper into the art of mindfulness + meditation as of late ~