required reading // links worth sharing pt. ii

1. "a lot of millenials have been discouraged for a long time. now, with social media, they feel empowered, like people are hearing their voice. and tumblr is a great platform for all types of media," says zellie thomas, creator of black culture // millennials + tumblr activism.

2. bright young things are honing many skills instead of one singular role. "is multi-tasking the only way to make a name for yourself in the creative industries today?" // the rise of the multi-talented multi-tasker.

3. "there were stories happening all around and i just paid attention to them," says producer turned photographer 'spot' // candid photographs of the 1970s so-cal counterculture.

4. "fashion reflects reality. the proof is in the pattern," says vanessa friedman from nyt // fashion in 2014, reviewed.

5. visual coincidences in patterns also reminds us we're all connected // patternity, an innovative pattern-focused organization, is committed to celebrating the common language of pattern and the worlds of fashion and design with science, nature, geology and beyond.

6. tumblr trends: inter/net art // virtual inspiration from 2014, collected + reblogged.

7. yoko ono is coming to the moma in may 2015 // a future visual happening worthy of rejoice.

8. for guy bourdin, a renowned + unconventional fashion photographer, magazines were the only art form // random fact: he only worked with models with specific astrological signs.

9. solar powered trees are being planted in israel and "all the trees around the world will be able to communicate," says inventor michael lasry // pure genius.

10. quotes worth sharing: "the true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life" by william morris // another link from patternity.