required reading // links worth sharing vi

1. red comme des garçons: innovation, provocation is an exploration of rei kawakubo’s radical approach to design with an exhibition format that takes inspiration from her 2001 comme des garçons presentation at walter van beirendonk’s antwerp fashion festival mode2001.

2. the department of signs and symbols is a new art project space that recently opened in vinegar hill, brooklyn // founder mitra korasheh says, "what we want to do is use the section in the back as a studio space for artists because we want to show emerging artists who do not necessarily have a studio space in new york. so part of our programming is going to be that the artist can have the space while a different exhibition is going on, preparing for their show.”

3. in the studio: photographs is a three-part show organized by gagosian gallery that explores the relationship between an artist and ones studio // hyperallergic writer jeff mcmahon questions, "any of these photographs of artist studios call into question just what is this thing called 'studio.' perhaps the establishment of such a place displaces the centrality of 'home,' setting a place apart for creation (and commerce). is the studio an externalization or perhaps a partitioning of the artist brain?"

4. marc jacobs recently announced the dissolution of his marc by marc jacobs line // w interviews him about his future plans + re-making his mark: “marc’s is a brand of his own experience, a brand of his whole world, and we want to show that on a bigger stage than we have so far,” says pierre-yves roussel, chariman + ceo of lvmh.

5. an excerpt from brittany howard's interview with joe rhodes of nyt on the new alabama shakes album, sound & color: “i don’t care if we get another chart-topping hit,” she told me. “i suppose it would be nice for my family. i could buy my dad a truck.” but if she and the shakes had to go back to being a barroom band in northern alabama, she would be fine, she insisted. she would get a day job and write songs, just like before. “i’d write probably even better songs,” she said, “ ’cause then i could write about how i had everything and lost it.”

6. visual history repeats itself: “we live in times now that show we clearly haven’t learned. what function do these images have if they are to inform us?” says clare grafik, head of exhibitions at the photographer's gallery in london // nyt reports on a new exhibit there, human rights human wrongs, open thru april 6

7. fran lebowitz, cultural critic, writer and occasional actress, tells elle "what's the point of being young if you're not going to make new things, i wonder? // wise words.

8. heated words // a recent london exhibit examines iron-on typefaces from the 70s + 80s.

9. "the gift shop" is a recent pop up at redbull studios new york by alldayeveryday // it's "a take on the traditional museum shop that sells specialty goods carefully curated  by creatives... the new, permanent fixture engages independent artists from within its own community with the purpose of creating a participatory experience that evolves with time and space."

10. and an entertaining tumblr worth sharing: animated text

* random research led me to the above documentary