words to live by // 10 things i learned before turning 26

next week marks my 26th birthday. a whole lot has changed in the last year, for the good, better and best. a friend recently snapchatted an excerpt from wikipedia which explained one is a "young adult' until 25 and at 26 you're considered an actual "adult." i'm not ashamed to admit i've grown a lot this year. it's been like a second wave coming of age. i feel really good about what this new chapter will be. and i'm living more mindfully than ever while working hard to create my own doctrine*

here's a few corny sayings i'm currently living by:

+ being nice is cool

+ do one bold thing, every day

+ dis/connect

+ weird is wonderful 

+ make your curiosities contagious 

+ forge your own future

+ k.i.s.s. (keep it simple stupid)

+ a little bit of thoughtfulness goes a long way 

+ it all comes down to magic and logic

+ never stop learning // i may want to teach but i'll 4ever be a student of the world

*stay tuned for future appendixes, additions and alterations, coming soon.