cultureisland event recap // on paper // jason turner art pop-up + mind breath magazine launch party

i think the on paper party was likely cultureisland's best turn out yet. the space was jam packed with people -- many of which we didn't know, nor did they know us. i've been getting better about posting these events on other websites and it was wicked cool to see strangers come out and support what we're doing. we were all pretty blown away by the crowd. at these events, people really connect. i see my friends from all different aspects of my life engaging with each other. i make a point to introduce friends doing similar stuff -- i love when my worlds collide and i'm even more excited when these introductions turn into friendships and collaborations of their own. 

alix (cultureisland's photographer) decided to pick up some disposable cameras and capture the party that way -- i had to post the color and black/white versions here, cause they're too good. she also perfectly captured the moment i was offered a job at this party.

p.s. jason turner's work is up at la petite mort til january 13th and lizzy scholnick's mind breath magazine is still on sale there, both in person and online. shop jason's work here and lizzy's magazine here.