cultureisland event recap // sideways // a vision board workshop

our sideways event was pure magic. it turned out to be the perfect evening -- a small, intimate gathering of some good friends and friends of friends sharing a fully present and open space. georgia's already cozy, cool shop was converted into a moody lounge as we dimmed the lights, laid out furry blankets on the floor and lit candles all over the shop. once everyone arrived, margo led a meditation session that i found totally accessible; i've never been very good at meditating, but i found comfort in her calm, familiar voice. as i closed my eyes, let go of my day and became more aware of my breath, margo asked:

what would you like to invite into your life? to bring into the new year? where do you see yourself in the coming year? what do you want for yourself? draw up an image or word in your head. hold onto it. keep it close.

she also said that by being there (both physically and mentally), everyone was not only doing good for themselves but for others. in that moment, i remembered this is exactly what i'm all about.

she then led the group in making vision boards, saying that vision boards allow us to open up and identify areas of exploration, not just improvement. we were to sort through magazines, tear out things that resonated with us (tearing is innately very therapeutic) and create a visual representation of the things we would like to invite into the year ahead. the two of us didn't get a chance to participate, but we happily watched as the others mindfully ripped out little bits of inspiration and pasted them to their boards. then, we did a group show of the boards. margo explained an important part of this process is presenting and sharing what you've made. everyone walked around with post-it notes, admired each other's work and left a nice note or new year's wish for the creator.

margo shared some helpful tips for making these visions realities:

1) start small: start with mini goals that make it super easy to succeed

2) celebrate the little successes: be proud of yourself!

3) don’t be too hard on yourself

4) create a “cheer squad”: act as cheerleaders and coaches for each other, encouraging each other, and celebrating each other’s progress.

5) keep at it: practice, practice, and practice.

at the end, chris, our friend/event photographer, snapped a polaroid of each person with their board. throughout the night, the mood was light, airy and there was a special energy in the room. 

and as margo said the next day, "everyone was there, fully there, ready to have fun, get creative and open up."

last sunday, we got together to mail out everyone's polaroids and made our own vision boards together, the perfect way to end this process. we're talking about doing some more related events, so stay tuned! i'll also be sharing the polaroids here separately along with a reading list margo and i compiled of our favorite reads soon.

* many thanks to everyone who attended / chris cawley for the photos / georgia for hosting / and grapeful for the wine / collectively we raised almost $300 for projectart! *