random thoughts // the art of connecting

conducting the small talk series has changed my life in some simple yet big ways. first off, i'm meeting incredible people from around the world, each with unique passions and stories. through hearing about their journey, i'm inspired to find new ways to evolve my own passions. as of late, i want to take up random hobbies and acquire unfamiliar skills like conquering my fear of swimming as well as my lack of musical talent through taking up an instrument. in learning how to engage people through interviews, i've realized that every interaction, conversation and relationship is a chance to learn something. every person i come into contact with has something interesting to say. i'm now listening to the people around me closer than ever and savoring every word that comes out of their mouths. this is the art of connecting and it makes everyday living much more extraordinary. not to mention i find myself chatting up strangers left and right. in turn, the world has become a much friendlier place and the possibilities of new people to meet and old people to re-meet are endless. through engaging others, i'm engaging my own mind more than ever before and learning some cool shit about me. so now i just need to pick an instrument, maybe the piano or the violin, and find a one piece swimsuit.