cultureisland event // LADIES // a los angeles pop-up

some twelve events later and i'm officially taking cultureisland to the west coast next week. this is truly a dream come true and i'm freakin excited to collaborate with some awesome los angeles based females on this event.

more about our collaborative partners:

cultureisland: cultureisland is a passion project by sara r. radin in which sara collaborates with emerging creatives, non-profits and brands to create unique experiences. she loves nothing more than bringing people together, introducing her friends and celebrating all kinds of creativity.

allie pohl: allie pohl (ideal woman) is a los angeles-based conceptual artist whose work explores the social and cultural constructions of contemporary western society. pohl created the “ideal woman” symbol to question the notion of perfection. ideal woman jewelry and stickers will be available along with man merrit badges from her peacocking series

+ julia jeanguenat: julia is a graphic designer + art director by day and a collage artist by night. she is a self-proclaimed paper hoarder with an affinity for vintage magazines, ephemera and other printed items. this habit lent itself to a collection of handmade collages that dissects these materials to create playful, quirky or surreal graphic relationships — often focused on re-contextualizing female subjects found in traditional media. she recently moved to long beach, california.

+ lyndsay phaneuf: lyndsay is a fashion designer who moved to los angeles a few years ago by way of new york city. the move inspired her to rekindle her love of baking and led to her starting i bake bitch, a line of guilty pleasure baked goods. she makes delicious cookies, brownies and desserts based on many of her grandma’s recipes.

+ jillian evelyn: jillian is an la-based illustrator and a print/graphic designer for toms shoes. jillian’s illustrations are moody with feminist snark and no filter. her work is bold, graphic and it uses a limited color palette including mostly black and white.

+ sera sloane: sera is an la-based hair stylist and artist. she describes her work as “devotional love slogans” and “teenage bedroom art.” sera creates poetic phrases with sticker letters and puts them on posters, pins, cards and mylar balloons. she will also cut bangs on a first come first serve basis for $10. you'll also be able to shop some of her favorite products by r+co.

+ otherwild: otherwild was founded within, and inspired by a vast, multidisciplinary community of talented artists and designers. it operates as a graphic studio, a store, a community center, a workshop and an event space in echo park, los angeles. it is owned by rachel berks.

RSVP via facebook // eventbrite // evensi

hope to see you there + please pass onto LA friends!