required reading // cultureisland x yoga margo 2016 reading list

for our sideways event, margo and i decided to pull together a list of our favorite reads for those who attended the event, but i also wanted to share it here along with the polaroids chris took of everyone and their boards.

 polaroids by  chris cawley

polaroids by chris cawley

cultureisland x yoga margo 2016 reading list:

1. the moral bucket list // david brooks // nyt

2. the crossroads of should and must // elle luna // medium

3. the other education // david brooks // nyt

4. six figures to none and loving every minute // allison kendro // the inertia

5. lady gaga and the life of passion // david brooks // nyt

6. want to get more creative? get bored // martin lindstrom // fast company

7. happiness isn't the absence of negative feelings // jennifer moss // harvard business review

8. big magic: creative living beyond fear // elizabeth gilbert

10. wherever you go, there you are // jon kabat-zinn

happy reading + new year!